Warning Signs of a Broken Garage Door

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

A good number of house robberies take place through the garage door. This is because home owners take time to repair a broken garage door. The reason they take time is because they consider repairing a door another cost yet it’s a security risk. Do not ignore any warning signs, repair the damages immediately.

1. Doors that sag when open – A garage door should not fall when you release it but should remain in the position it was at before releasing it. If it falls, it means the cables or the springs are broken and need to be replaced.

2. Loud noises from doors – Squealing, grinding or screeching noises coming from garage doors are a sign that you need to lubricate the tracks. It may also be a sign that there is debris or dirt on the track of the door.

3. Doors that do not open or close – The first place to check is if there is electricity or if the fuse is blown. If the operator lights are on at the motor, then you need to reprogram your wireless keypad or remote. Check the condition of the opener and the batteries to make sure they are in perfect condition.

4. Doors that fall very quickly when closing – Such doors are risky so contact an expert in garage door repairs from Pontypridd to inspect and repair the garage door.

5. Doors that stick when operatingGarage door repairs in Pontypridd require you to lubricate your door if it does not move freely. Clean the tracks and ensure that they are not clogged out of alignment.

6. Door that open on its own – If this happens, check the remote to make sure there is not button that has stuck. You need to make sure that the spring on the door is not too strong for it.

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