Ways You Can Benefit from Self-Cleaning Double Glazing in Farnborough

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Doors and Windows

There are many glass cleaning agents on the market, allowing homeowners to clean their windows with ease. However, we don’t all have the time to do this, which is where self-cleaning double glazing in Farnborough comes in. Self-cleaning glass is designed to prevent grime and dirt build-up. Coated with titanium oxide, the glass is light activated and loves water. When light hits it, electrons are released. These electrons then interact with water molecules and destroy the dirt’s chemical bond. There are many reasons to pay for self-cleaning glass and when fitted by a professional, the glass will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Low Maintenance

You won’t have to spend all of your time maintaining the windows because self-cleaning glass does exactly what its name says – cleans itself. The low maintenance appeals to many homeowners and in particular, business owners who don’t want to fork out a lot of money hiring someone to clean windows on tall properties. The fact that you don’t need to use a cleaning solution to make the glass sparkle makes self-cleaning double glazing in Farnborough kind to the environment. This means that not only will you be enhancing the appearance of your property but also, you will be reducing your carbon footprint.

Improved Safety

A chore that a lot of homeowners dislike is window cleaning. Unless you are experienced or have the right tools you may struggle to perform this chore, which can prove dangerous in certain circumstances. Slips and falls, harsh weather conditions, tool misuse – these are three things that can affect your safety. With self-cleaning double glazing in Farnborough you won’t need to risk your safety any more. Self-cleaning glass is also very strong, so you need not worry about it breaking or being broken by thieves.

Money Saving

Although there is an initial upfront investment required for double glazing in Farnborough, you will make your money back. How, you ask? Well, the glass will keep heat inside, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money heating the home. When installed properly the windows will not need updating for many years. To really reap the money saving benefits, take your time to find someone who has experience at fitting self-cleaning double glazed glass.

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