What Happens During An Asbestos Refurbishment Survey in London?

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Asbestos Testing Service

Planning a home or business refurbishment can be an exciting time, because it gives you an opportunity to put your design skills to the test. It’s not just the aesthetically pleasing results of refurbishments that encourage people to pay for these services but also, the fact that a refurbishment could lead to the discovery and removal of asbestos. Sure, it has not been used for building constructions since 1999 in the UK, but that’s not to say it doesn’t exist in your property. An asbestos refurbishment survey in London and the surrounding areas could potentially save your life, not to mention the lives of others property inhabitants, so why not learn a little more about the process?

Types of Surveys

Asbestos surveys are a strict legal requirement for every property owner living in the United Kingdom and if you don’t take the time to get surveys completed by professionals, you could be facing legal ramifications. An asbestos refurbishment survey is one that is conducted with the idea of completely refurbishing an area that is laden with asbestos. These surveys make maintenance plans a lot easier for the foreseeable future.

Uncovering Asbestos Specimens

Even the smallest specimens of asbestos can cause a big risk to health and in the case of an asbestos refurbishment survey being carried out, various specimens should be collected by the person(s) you hire. Once samples are collected, they will be tested and the appropriate steps will be carried out to determine how the asbestos will be disposed of. All buildings that were constructed before 1999 should really have these inspections completed, because asbestos was a preferred building material a few decades ago.

Intrusive Investigation

Please do not expect the asbestos refurbishment survey to be non-intrusive, because it will in fact be the total opposite. An in-depth investigation into the inner construction workings of your property will make detection and removal simpler. Asbestos will be searched for behind existing materials and surfaces, including the roof, the interior wall panels, the lining of steel boiler casings, textured paints as well as coatings on walls and ceilings, fire blankets and many other surfaces.

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