What happens if your car fails the MOT test?

by | Jun 23, 2023 | automotive

The MOT test is required in order to drive your car legally on any major road or highway in Britain. The test is valid for one year, so testing each year is necessary. Just because you passed last year, doesn’t mean your car will pass this year. MOT testing Totnes centres can help you prepare for and pass the test, but if their checks do not produce satisfactory results, they will have no choice but to fail your vehicle. So, what do you do if your car fails?

* Basic Checks

* The MOT test checks to make sure the major components of your car are in good working order, including:

* Brakes

* Steering and suspension

* Windscreen

* Seats and seatbelts

* Emissions


* Wipers

* Horn

* Fuel System

If any of these components do not fall into the recommended safety guidelines that are set out by the governing agencies, your vehicle will be issued a fail certificate (VT30). You will no longer be able to drive the vehicle legally, and your insurance will not be able to be renewed.

The testing centre will advise you on which components passed, and which ones failed, and what needs to be repaired in order to pass the test. If the repairs are minor, they may be able to be fixed right there and then (with your permission of course); otherwise you may have to book another appointment for the necessary repairs.

Once everything has been completed, you can book another MOT test, with the confidence that it will pass. Unfortunately, this will require another pay-out for the test.

If you want to make sure you pass the test on the first try, it’s important to keep your car properly maintained. Have your brakes checked, oil changed and other key maintenance issues done so that your car is road-worthy and is safe for the road.

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