What to Look for When Buying Energy Efficient Windows in Glasgow

We have all heard the term “energy efficient” but a lot of people are still living in homes with windows in Glasgow that are costing them more money than necessary. You might not even realise it, but your windows and doors could be the main cause of heat loss. When the seals and frames become worn, heat will escape and cold air will enter the property, contributing to damp and condensation. If you don’t want to spend unnecessary money increasing the thermostat temperature, why not invest in double glazing? Once fitted, double glazed windows will minimise noise pollution, increase overall safety and ensure a draught-free home.

Energy Rating

You can find out a lot about the energy rating of your windows in Glasgow if you contact the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) or Glass and Glazing Federation. Before you buy windows it’s essential that you find out how it is rated on the Window Energy Rating (WER) system, because this will demonstrate its level of thermal performance. The traffic light-style rating system shows the rating level, solar heat gain and the ‘U’ value of the window.

Glass Type

Not all double glazed windows in Glasgow are constructed with the same type of glass. The amount of money you spend on these windows will depend on what type of glass you choose, but don’t just get swayed by the prices! When you consider the fact that 25 percent of heat escapes through the windows, it is essential that you take the time to choose windows with low-emissivity glass. Also known as low-e glass, it is crafted to the highest European quality standards and can be installed with various frame types. Browse website for more information.

Frame Materials

UPVC is one of the most popular frame choices for double glazing, because it is low-cost and can be manufactured in a rainbow of colours. If you are getting double glazing fitted on a period property, traditional wood is a good option. Wood is environmentally friendly but bear in mind, it does require a lot of maintenance due to the fact it is susceptible to rot. A more weatherproof choice would be composite frames, which have a timber frame shielded with plastic or aluminium. Steel and aluminium are recyclable materials, making them worthwhile choices for the eco-conscious.

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