What You Need to Know About Secondary Glazing in Edinburgh

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Home Improvement

Secondary Glazing is an important upgrade that many homeowners are choosing for their windows. With this type of window glass, the addition of a slim second window is added to an already existing window. It is a great way to increase the durability and insulation properties of your windows without changing their look and without expensive remodelling or new installations needed. Secondary glazing in Edinburgh is becoming very popular and many of our customers ask us about this service.

Reasons for Secondary Glazing

* Easy installation that is unobtrusive and easy to put in place, even for the more confined and hard to reach windows and buildings.

* Helps improve insulation, reduces drafts, lowers energy consumption, and protects against heat and cold exchange- all which lowers energy costs.

* The additional pane of glass and metal frames used to hold the glass in place helps reinforce the strength and durability of the window.

State of the Art Perfect Finish

Here at JBC, our secondary glazing is second to none and it is one of the most popular treatments our customers ask us for. Whether you are looking for traditional frames or modern frameless treatments, we have you covered and can get you exactly what you need. Our double-glazed windows help showcase the beauty of window glass and can be yours for a fraction of the cost you will find elsewhere. Whatever your window needs are, trust the glass experts to take care of your home and your family with quality materials and superior service. Call us today at JBC and see why more and more people are coming to us for their glass window needs! Set up an in-home consultation with our window experts and let us help you make your home the best that it can possibly be!

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