What You Should Learn In An Infant First Aid Course

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Health Care

Infants choke on their food. They may swallow a toy. They can slip beneath the surface of the bath or other types of water. They may even tangle their necks in curtain drawstrings and other seemingly innocuous items. Although we all hope it may never happen, these scenarios can and do take place around the world every day. These provide the reasons why it is beneficial to take an informative infant first aid course.

Initial Concerns

When deciding on what course to take, make sure it is geared toward the right age group. This applies to both those who take it and the recipients. In other words, if you are an adult concerned about infant first aid, take courses that deal specifically with this age group. If you are a teen or youth, make certain the instruction is in a youth-friendly format.

What Should the Course Contain?

When looking at an infant first aid course, consider the following:

  • Focus: Does it address your concerns? Does it focus on infants and, perhaps children?

  • Signs and Symptoms: Does the course address this as reflected in infants and children? Children decline faster than adults do

  • Choking: This is a common hazard among infants and children. Does it offer a description as well as actions to take?

  • Burns: Does it provide information on the impact of different locations, e.g., face burns can affect breathing? Does it tell you when to apply cold water and for how long?

  • CPR: It is different for children.

  • Practice: Does the course involve actual practice sessions as well as theoretical work?

Infant First Aid Course

Taking a first aid course makes you more aware of the potential injuries an infant can suffer. An infant first aid course provides parents and other adults with a better perspective on the risks. However, it also gives participants the knowledge and skills to handle an emergency if one ever happens.

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