When Can you Use a Skip Hire?

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

Skips and bins are very useful item for a wide variety of uses around your home or business. They can also become a handy addition to public locations and highways in need of clean-up after storms or accidents. When you are considering a skip hire in Didcot, it’s important to take a minute and decide exactly what size container you might need. You will be faced with many options for sizes from as little as 4 cubic yards to as much as 40 cubic yards. It is up to you to decide exactly which size will work best for your project and your needs.

Remodelling and Construction

Construction projects and remodelling is probably a good choice for a larger roll off bin in the 20, 35 or 40 cubic yard sizes. These very large bins are great for lumber, drywall, stonework, concrete and other large pieces of trash that will not fit in a standard skip. Additionally, whatever you place in a roll off bin will be returned to a recycling facility for sorting. This ensures that any hazardous material or non-biodegradable items stay out of landfills for the health of the environment. While many people assume that landfills have more than enough room for all of their garbage, the truth is they are quickly becoming overfilled and starting to cause an impact on the local environment.

Gardening and Landscaping

Creating a garden or working on improving your landscaping may leave you with a variety of random trash and other debris that needs to be disposed of. This can include tree branches, dead bushes, rocks, poor soil, pieces of sod and other natural and organic items. These are most commonly placed in smaller skips which can range from 4 to 12 cubic yards. These skips are small enough to be placed in your driveway or directly at the gardening site to prevent the need for multiple trips to and from a distant garbage bin. The saves time and effort and allows you to create the perfect landscaping or large, healthy garden on your property or estate. Visit here for more information.

Spring Cleaning and Estate Sales

Skips can also be useful for spring cleaning or sorting an organization before an estate sale. You can finally clean out the basement or attic without having to worry about your disposable items ending up in a landfill or an improper location since it all gets sorted and a recycling center.

If you are looking for a skip hire in Didcot, consider using Hazell and Jefferies Ltd for all of your skip and roll off bin needs. They can also provide surface dressing and tarmac services for your estate.

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