Why Pay for Audi Car Hire in London?

by | Jun 23, 2023 | automotive

Are you preparing for a long business commute and want to save your vehicle the wear and tear that comes with it? Maybe you want to create a good impression on your work colleagues or that special someone by driving a trendy ride? Whatever your reasons for seeking out car rental services, Audi car hire in London is a good option. The Audi range is considerably diverse and this German automobile manufacturer demonstrates luxury in all of its models. If you are on the verge of paying for these services, discover why it is worthwhile.

Test Innovative Products

When you visit the company that is offering Audi car hire in London, you can take this opportunity to test out the innovative products that their fleet of cars is equipped with. Some of the most innovative things that have been integrated into the Audi range include the all-wheel drive system, adaptive cruise control, side assist, parking assist, sweeping indicators and matrix LED beam.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Have you ever thought about how much fuel your vehicle is drinking each time you take it for a drive? When compared to the fuel you will use with Audi car hire in London, it is sure to be a lot more. The 2016 Audi range boasts some of the most impressive gas mileage than ever before, so you don’t have to worry about being a bit heavy footed on the accelerator.

Limit Eco Emissions

The Co2 emissions will vary, depending on which model you rent from Audi car hire in London. However, most vehicles run on diesel and are designed with E-tron technology. This unique technology limits eco emissions and provides you, the driver, with the freedom to drive in hybrid mode, electric mode or with the combustion engine on its own. The size of your carbon footprint is your choice!

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