Woodworm Treatment in Glasgow can Rescue Your Property

by | Jun 23, 2023 | Damp Proofing

Woodworm treatment in Glasgow can put an end to your problem. Rescuing your property from a woodworm infestation can save you quite a bit of money down the line. First, woodworms are not worms, they are beetles that infest your timber during the larvae stage and eat their way out of your wood leaving behind small diameter holes during their exit.

The Damage

Depending on the length of the infestation and the number of larvae you can be faced with quite a bit of a mess on your hands. The damages that these insects can cause can be substantial and may include:

* Structural damage

* Weakening of the joists

* Cosmetic damage

* Damages that can allow dry rot to form

Of course the worst case scenario is that you have a full on infestation that has been around for a while, this would result in the highest degree of damage. In most cases property owners will notice when there is timber damage (cosmetic) long before they really have a chance to take a hold in the property. Damaged wood is of course much more prone to other injury as well like dry rot and deterioration. You can visit here for more details.

There is Help

Luckily help is a phone call away. You can get help from a leader in the industry that can easily rescue your property from the clutches of these bothersome bugs. With the right treatment options you will be able to say goodbye woodworms and never have to worry about it again. Of course the right service will also be more than capable of handling any damages that have been caused in the wake of the infestation. Richardson & Starling is the name to know if you suspect that you are dealing with woodworms. A quick phone call will get the rescue under way.

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