2 Main Causes of Flat Roof Damages

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Roofing

Flat roof are good for commercial and as well as residential premises. They are unique, provide more space and are easy to install. Due to the design of the roof, they require frequent inspections and maintenance. The inspections extend the life of the roof as any defect identified during inspection is repaired immediately. You need to hire a roofing expert to inspect the roof for you if you suspect any abnormities or believe you need repairs on your Nottingham roof.

Negative Effects of Ponding, Pooling and Standing Water

Even though flat roofs are not exactly flat, water tends to drain from the roof a bit slower when it rains or snows. The water that lingers on the rooftop has nowhere to go other than pooling on the roof. Unfortunately, the water can find its way straight down the roof in form of moisture. The result of the moisture is fungus and mould. You need an immediate repair of the damaged parts of the roof that are allowing water to pass through. You should also drain all pooling water to prevent further damages on your exterior part of the wall.

Effects of Temperature Changes

As the temperature increase and decrease, the asphalt covering the rooftop contracts and expands. Over time, the contraction and expansion causes the flashing to pull away from the corners and edges of your roof. The process opens up small spaces where moisture and water leaks through the roof. Repair your roof as soon as you notice any leaks. The secret to any flat roof damages is to repair them as soon as possible. It is easier and cheaper to repair a roof compared to replacing it. Roof repairs take a shorter time and when they are done well, they are long lasting. During repairs, you can even take advantage of the modern day roofing accessories to give your roof a new life. Go to site for more information.

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