A removals company can sometimes do more than just transport your furniture

by | May 13, 2016 | Moving and Relocating

Moving house can be extremely stressful, so the most important thing you need to take note of is that partnering with a respected removal company will be essential. Many removal companies in Devon will make promises – that’s easy to do. What’s not always simple is to find a concern that will fulfil all its promises, and perhaps even exceed your expectations.

There are many different things to consider when it comes to moving home, and it’s essential that communication is clear at all times. You will need to be certain what the responsibilities of each party are, and that everything is completed on time. For example, if the removal company is going to undertake all your packing, they should have done a thorough inspection to ascertain exactly how many possessions you have. Then, they will need to arrive timeously – sometimes days before – with sufficient boxes and packing material to make certain that everything is ready to be shipped on time. Particularly if you are moving internationally and have a shipment that needs to depart at a certain time, being able to rely on a company that always meets its deadlines will be essential.

What you might need from a removals company

Some people feel that removals companies are interested only in moving large homes, and that it’s not cost effective for them to help someone who lives in a studio flat. Actually, if you locate a company that has large and small vehicles, you may well find that the staff are happy to quote you a reasonable fee, and this will be much less stressful than having to arrange the move yourself. Persuading people you know who have utility vehicles to help you might not be the best way to go!

There are also situations when you sell your home but haven’t yet located your new house. Also, you may be travelling abroad for a year or two, or even taking a foreign assignment. In this type of situation you will need to store your furniture and possessions. What you would look for here is a removals company that has storage facilities available. This way, they can remove your furniture, store it, and transport it to your new home when you’re ready for it. Some of these companies are even able to arrange for both car and boat storage, which might be exactly what you need. It would go without saying that you’d want to check carefully to ensure that your possessions were in safe hands and would be well protected. Make certain that the premises where your goods will be stored are fully alarmed and even, if possible, that there is 24 hour surveillance in place.

When deciding on removal companies in Devon, you may need a firm that is happy to arrange a smaller move or one who can store your furniture. Rose Removals and Storage of Devon can cater to your every need, and can be contacted for a free consultation.

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