Common Causes of Sewer Backups

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Plumbing

Sewage backup problems can be quite a hassle for anyone involved. It happens to almost every homeowner at some time or another. There are some homeowners to attempt to take matters into their own hands and attempt to fix the problem themselves or have a friend or family member try to clear out the backup. If you have blocked sewers or blocked drains in Bristol, you should hire a professional to handle the job. Here are some common reasons that sewers become backed up.


Much like your indoor drain pipes, your outdoor sewer line has the potential to become severely clogged as well. If the problem is only impacting one toilet or tub, chances are it is a simple drain clog. However, if you find that every flush causes a major backup, this could be a severe sewer clog. Here are some tips to keeping your sewer clog-free.

* Only flush toilet tissue down the toilet. Do not flush diapers, napkins, or baby wipes down the toilet as this could cause severe sewer clogs.

* Be careful as to how you use your garbage disposal. Do not put large amounts of food down the disposal.

* Never pour grease down your kitchen drain. This can cause serious plumbing issues as the grease will become hardened.

Tree Roots

One other common reason for sewer backups is large tree roots near your home. This could even mean that roots from a neighbour’s yard could be coming through and blocking your drain. These tree roots have the ability to grow inside of the pipes and create blockages and holes or wrap outside the line and cause it to collapse.

Collapsed or Broken Sewer Lines

If you have an older home in Bristol, the backup of your sewer could be caused by a collapsed or broken pipe line. In new homes, plastic sewer lines are common, but in older homes, iron piping can be found which tends to break over a period of time and cause problems with your sewer. Visit here for more information.

Calling a Professional

All of these sewer problems can be very serious and also very expensive the longer they go without being fixed. The sooner that you call a professional, the better the chance you have of being able to fix the problem. Do not try to fix serious sewer issues on your own. It is always best that a professional handles the problem.

If you have severely blocked drains in Bristol, Total Drainage Services (South West) Ltd can help take care of the problem. Visit them online for details.

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