The Importance of Drain Clearance

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Home Improvement

Even though the task is not very appealing in terms of home maintenance, it is very important when it comes to your comfort, safety, and health. A drain’s primary responsibility is to get rid of the wastewater you use in your home before it is able to cause bacteria and mould build-up. Bacteria can form in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and your shower drain. This could be very hazardous to your health. This is why having your drains cleaned is very important.

When to Clean Your Drains

Some homeowners take on the job of cleaning drains themselves. There are some methods that homeowners can do but more serious jobs need to be handled by a professional. If you need a basic cleaning, you can put boiling water in your tub or sink and then open up your drain line so it flows through quickly. This is only to be performed if your blockage as light or for a temporary or emergency fix.

If you notice that you have mould in your bathroom sink or shower pipe, you can use a drain brush with a bit of baking soda to scrub it out. This is only a temporary fix. If you notice that you have mould growing within the pipes, you should look for professionals with experience in drain clearance in Gloucester to help do a more thorough job. You can click here to get more details.

Major Blockages

Most professionals would recommend that if you have a severe blockage to not use over-the-counter products for a quick fix. These products tend to do more harm than good. If you feel that you have a significant blockage, you should call a professional to take a look at the problem so the proper solution is achieved. Big jobs should be handled by professionals with experience in the field of plumbing and drain clearance.

Blocked Sewer Drains

If your sewer drains are not flowing properly, you could be in violation of your city’s condition of use policy. This can be quite costly and a major inconvenience. Having your sewer drains cleared can make a big difference in you and your family’s health. Even though it could be a costly expense, it will be much less expensive than what you will be faced with if you do not get them cleared as soon as possible. Finding the right professionals for the job is the first step to getting your drains cleared correctly.

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