Considerations When It Is Time To Replace Windows In Kent

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Doors and Windows

There are many different ways to give an older home a new look. For homeowners in Kent, a very common way to give their home a modern, fresh look is to upgrade windows.

Making the decision to replace windows can be complicated with all the different options on the market today. Taking the time to talk with professional installation services in Kent will provide you with specific information on the best options for your home.

Types of Windows

When making the decision to replace windows, stop and think about what you like about your current windows and what concerns you have about their performance. For example, if you currently have traditional casement windows with a sliding sash, they are probably made of pine or hardwood.

These windows are beautiful, but they do have a maintenance requirement that can be an issue for some homeowners. An alternative to consider may be aluminium windows that offer virtually maintenance-free operation throughout their life cycle.

Style Options

Even with an older home, there are some very sleek and streamlined options in windows that add a touch of modern without detracting from the classic design of the home.

Styles can include windows with the classic mullion design or ironmongery that is unique and designed specifically for your home. There is also the option to mix and match window styles to accentuate different rooms in the home, frame, and entry or to enhance or complement the architectural lines of the home.

In addition to aesthetics, homeowners in Kent should ask the staff at The Window Sanctuary about the energy efficiency of different options in windows. This is essential information when you replace windows as new options can result in heat loss reduction of up to 60% over old wooden windows.

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