Important Questions To Ask Croydon Storage Companies

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Moving Company

Many of the top furniture removal and home moving companies in Croydon offer storage as one of their services. This can include a few items when you are redecorating, or it can include entire rooms or the complete contents of the home.

It is also very common for people to use these services when they are completing a home renovation. Carefully packing, padding and wrapping items and moving them to a secure facility for safekeeping prevents the possibility of damage during the renovation as well as less time spent in moving furniture from room to room in the home.

When choosing a company for storage services, there are a few important questions to ask. Take the time to contact more than one company to inquire about costs, options and details about the services provided.

Do You Offer Containers?

Containerised storage is an ideal option for both moving as well as home renovation needs. This provides a 250-cubic foot container that is mounted to the back of the lorry. This is brought to your property, and the contents of the home that are to be kept by the company are packed into the container.

Padding, wrapping and extra protection are used to secure each item. Once loaded, the container is sealed, and the homeowner is provided with a full inventory of the items inside. Then, the container is lifted off the lorry at the secure facility and maintained until you call for delivery.

Individual items can also be carefully kept by the companies as well. These will be carefully packed and labelled and stored in secured bays in the facility.

What Safety and Security Features are in Place?

Take the time to ask the company in Croydon about the security features in the area when your container or items will be kept. Do they offer CCTV (closed circuit TV) and do they have alarms on the premises?

Top companies like Arnold and Self Removals also offer the option for customers to tour their facility to see the secure, safe and professionally managed location. This is a top idea that gives you peace of mind and an understanding of the quality of care you can expect for your possessions.

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