Discover the Benefits of Floor Screed

by | Jun 23, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

When you want the best quality finish for your concrete pours, no matter where that may be, you need to look at the option of liquid screeding application. We can get you the quality material you want and need with our boom pumps in Cardiff as well as in our other service areas. There are plenty of benefits of using liquid screeding because of its flexibility and adaptability:

* It leaves no air gaps as it dries

* Drying time is reduced

* Thin application uses less material

* It is stronger and more compact

* Shrinking, cracking and curling are rare

* Liquid screed is easy to apply

* Liquid screed resists wear and tear

* Is easy to spread in problematic areas

Boom pumping in Cardiff

We can help you will all types of floor screeding jobs whether you need something for large or small contractors or for residential application. The easiest way to deliver and pour liquid screeding is with our state of the art boom pumps. We can get you high quality material where you need it- even where traditional booms and pumps cannot reach. That is what sets us apart from the competition and is why we re anything other than typical or traditional. Our high quality concrete provides you great flexibility on work sites and can be applied to many types of applications. We have poured foundations, curbs, floors, paving slabs, driveways, parking lots, horizontal and vertical structures, and many others.

Both domestic and commercial jobs are completed with the highest degree of excellence and quality. When you need the best of the best in service, quality, and finish you need to trust the experts with the best boom pumping in Cardiff or any of the surrounding areas. So discover the South Wales Concrete Pumping difference today and see why we rank so high in customer satisfaction! Contact us today we look forward to working with you!

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