How do You Choose the Right Nursing Home?

by | Jun 23, 2023 | Assisted Living Facility

There may come a time when your parent can no longer live alone in their home. It could be that they are suffering from a chronic illness, they keep falling and injuring themselves, or just that age has caught up with them and small chores like dressing have become difficult. No matter what the reason is, you will likely be the one who will have to make the decision as to where they can live both safely and comfortably while still being happy. There are private nursing homes in Devon who can meet all those needs for you.

What Help Does Your Parent Require?

Does your parent have serious healthcare problems? Then you want to be sure that the nursing home can provide access to medical care, has trained nurses on staff, and is close to medical facilities. Is it that there is an issue with dementia? A nursing home with locked doors that can keep your parent safe and from wandering away is definitely what you need. That is not all you need to be considering. Does the facility offer rehabilitative and recreational programs? You are not placing your parent on lock down. You are putting them into a homelike atmosphere where they can be stimulated and have their mind nourished as well as their body.

Choose What You Believe to be the Best Run Home

A search on the web is a great way to see a home’s ratings and reviews. Make a call to a home health care service and ask to speak to one of their nurses and ask what homes they might recommend. Of course, nothing is better than a tour of any home you are thinking about. Do not be afraid to talk to the residents and get their opinions. Torr Home in Devon welcomes the opportunity to have you and your parent visit and speak to the staff and residents. Visit them online to schedule a tour at your convenience.

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