Does My Dog Need to Be Vaccinated Prior to Receiving Dog Grooming Services?

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Veterinarian

Though it is always a good idea to have your dog up-to-date on their vaccinations in Durham—mainly for the sake of their health and those of the dogs around them—is it necessary for your dog to be vaccinated prior to receiving a dog grooming service? Will you be turned away if you don’t have your dog vaccinated, or will you still receive the services, and quality, that you are willing to pay for? What if your dog is too young for certain vaccinations? Are there certain vaccinations that are often required over other? Below we will explore whether it is necessary or your dogs to be vaccinated prior to being groomed.

Depends on where you go

Whether or not your dog receives a grooming service largely depends on what service you go to. Some services are stricter in their requirements than others. Some will not provide you with a service unless your dog has received certain vaccinations and there has been at a wait time for it to take effect. Other services, however, may groom a dog regardless of the vaccination history.

The point of the requirement of up-to-date vaccinations is to ensure the safety of your dog, the other dogs in the area, and the people who will be handling your dog throughout the duration of the service. A dog grooming service will have an area where many dogs are present, so safety is always a concern of utmost importance. A grooming service may be cautious so that they are not liable for any accidents that may occur.

Certain vaccinations are more common

If a dog grooming service does require vaccinations, there are certain ones that are more likely to be required over others. This will be especially so if a certain vaccination protects against a commonly occurring disease or condition that poses a substantial threat. One vaccination that is a common requirement for many grooming services, or any public area really is a rabies vaccine. Rabies is extremely dangerous for both other animals and humans, so many services or business require proof that it an animal has received such a vaccination.

Age may matter

Dogs cannot receive certain vaccinations when they are too young, so if a grooming service requires vaccinations before they will provide a service, they will usually make exceptions for dogs under a certain age. A common time frame is from 8 weeks to 4 months of age. Once an animal has passed this age bracket, they may be required to have proof that they have received all the necessary vaccinations in Durham.

Vaccinations are important to dog grooming services because it helps ensure the safety of the other dogs and the people that are performing the service. Though, if your dog does not have the required vaccinations, there are still grooming services that will groom your dog.

If you have questions regarding vaccinations in Durham, make sure you visit Ashfield Veterinary Surgery. They are dedicated to the good health of your family’s pet.

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