Five things to consider…

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Five things to consider…

Determining which steel fabricator to work with is a crucial element in the success of any project; regardless of its size or monetary value. The fabrication company that you select is going to serve as a project partner throughout the lifeline of the project – from conception through to completion. This is why it is vital to select a steel fabrication company that you can not only communicate openly with, but also place your trust in early on.

There are a few fundamental qualifications that should be taken into account when researching potential companies to partner with. Each should be carefully evaluated.

1. Longevity and experience in the Industry

2. Capabilities and access to the tools needed

3. High standards of quality

4. Knowledgeable and courteous support staff

5. Competitive costs

Longevity and experience in the industry

Trust and complete confidence are far easier to establish in a service provider that has dedicated industry experience. Being established in the industry means having developed a successful track record of successful projects. A steel fabricator who has experience completing projects similar to yours will be a valuable resource in helping you save time, money and effort by ensuring that things are done correctly this first time around.

Capabilities and access to the tools needed

Steel fabricators need not be the largest and most advanced in order to successfully finish a project, however, they do need to have access to the tools and capabilities that are required to do the job. Areas that require investigation include:

The fabricators design capabilities

The fabricators materials capabilities

The fabricators production capabilities

The fabricators facility capabilities

High standards of quality

It is likely that your search will result in multiple matches with similar experience and capabilities levels. In this situation, it is important to review the level of quality that each fabricator places in their work and their reputation in the industry. Are they reliable? Do they offer quality guarantees?

Knowledgeable and courteous support staff

With money on the table and deadlines lingering, no one wants to be left out in the dark. The best fabrications companies will:

Provide complete disclosure on timelines and targets

Offer full service project management

Deliver fast response to concerns and questions

Troubleshooting, advice and problem solving

Competitive costs

Costs will vary between companies, don’t be afraid to shop for quotes. Keep in mind that the best doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest.

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