The Advantages In Owning A Renovated Aga Cooker

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Home Improvement

While an Aga cooker was a standard part of many homes in the UK in decades past, they went out of favour for more energy efficient options as people moved from the countryside to urban areas and focused on low-cost heating and cooking options. Today, with new trends back to the traditional, a renovated Aga cooker is a wonderful addition to a kitchen, providing not only a lovely radiant heat but also a terrific cooking appliance.

Cast Iron Construction

The renovated Aga cooker is made from cast iron, which means it is a very thick, heavy, and dense walled appliance. The cast iron itself will heat up and stay warm, providing heat on a continual basis throughout the day or the night.

The cast iron also allows the heat to move consistently through the various compartments of the renovated Aga cooker from the ovens to the top hotplates. This not only keeps the temperature very steady, which is critical for baking and roasting, but it also means you don’t have to fiddle continually with the temperature settings on each individual component of the cooker as with new styles.

Durability and Solid Performance

Without a doubt, the Aga is one of the most well-constructed cookers on the market even today. They were designed to last for a lifetime with very little maintenance or upkeep, and there are many Aga’s still in use now that were some of the first offered by the company back in 1922.
With today’s renovated Aga cooker, you have options in different types of power and fuel sources. There are renovated models that feature 13 amp electric power or solid fuel, as well the more traditional oil or gas.

Colours to Choose From

In addition to a range of colours to choose from, there are actually two different styles of a renovated Aga cooker to consider. The very traditional style offers the iconic three-door front with all doors equal in size. The Delux model, which was first marketed in the 1960s, provided different configurations and features.

The Delux model comes in a two or four-oven design, and it has the added benefit of providing domestic hot water, which is always just the right temperature for use. These models, the ones with the optional water, are available with solid fuel, oil and gas but not electric power.
The colours of the new renovated Aga cooker are amazing. They range from rich, deep blues, greens and purples to all shades in between. Different models offer different standard and specialist colours, ensuring the perfect match for your kitchen décor.

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