How to Increase the life of your Boom Pump

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Concrete

Machines make work easier but for them to remain functional; you have to deliberately take care of them. One of the initial investments for a construction company is a concrete boom pump in Newport. They are expensive to buy whether you buy them new or used so you need to take care of it to make sure it lasts for long. Taking care of machines reduces maintenance and operating costs.

For concrete boom pumps, the first step in taking care of it is to choose the right concrete. When using the machine, water separates the pump’s wall from the concrete. For the process to happen efficiently there should be enough water and the concrete mix should be suitable for the application. When the right conditions are observed, then the concrete is able to move through the reducers, the bands and hoses without an issue.

For safety purposes, be careful about the way the truck is positioned either during the work or when parked. Trucks have been known to cause death and injuries at the jobsite. Such incidences may lead to closure for days or weeks.

Every machines need maintenance services. The services help to increase the machine’s life. If there are hidden issues, they are repaired in good time before they escalate. When you regularly maintain the boom pump in Newport, your downtime is reduced but its performance is maximized.

Concrete boom pumps are good conductors of electricity. When folding, unfolding, or moving it, beware of power lines for that is when most accidents happen. The water content in the concrete makes it more dangerous to use close to power lines.

At South Wales Concrete Pumping, we have trained boom pump operators. They are trained and qualified to operate the pumps. The risk of accidents and death is therefore reduced during a jobsite due to the trained operators. Call us today; you do not have to fear downtimes, delays, and hazardous situations, our trained operators and efficient boom pumps will make sure the work is safely completed.

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