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by | Dec 1, 2015 | Waste Management

If you have never had to use a skip hire before you are in for a real convenient way of getting rid of bulk waste. Many constructions companies and offices use skip hires to keep their sites and office spaces clean of rubbish and debris. Even people who have used skip service before still aren’t sure what types of materials you are allowed to put into a skip or even what size to ask for. Whether you looking for a skip hire in North East in the UK or beyond, hopefully these tips will be helpful to you.

Materials Permitted in Skip

Most consumers are confused about what items are allowed to be placed in a skip. It is much easier to answer that question by stating the materials that are not permitted in a skip:

* Batteries

* Tires

* Oil, diesel, or petrol

* Liquids

* Gas bottles or canisters

* Fluorescent tubes

* Asbestos

* Electrical appliances

* Toxic or hazardous materials

* Batteries

* Computer screens or TVs

* Refrigerators

* Medical or clinical waste

Another rule of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to filling your skip is that you are never to overfill it. Make sure that it is fit to the level load and nothing higher. There can be no materials sticking out over the sides. Most skip services will not take the load until it is at the proper level and will ask you to remove any excess rubbish from the bin.

Frame of Time for Skip Hire

When you call to hire a skip service they typically can come and pick up 1-2 weeks in from the date that you phoned. If you need it sooner than that make sure you let them know ahead of time to see if they would be willing to pick it up earlier. You will need to have the skip ready for them to pick up because it cannot sit out on the street for a long time or longer than the skip permit allows. Also keep in mind that skip Lorries are about 8.5-9.5 wide. This is a good thing to know when planning a skip hire. Visit here for more information.


The best thing you can do in the planning process of hiring a skip is to call the company and ask any questions you may have regarding time frames, sizes, as well as what is allowed in the bin itself. Every company does things a bit differently so it never hurts to ask.

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