Invest in Quality Damp Proofing to Protect Structures

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

CavityTech Systems Ltd. uses a wide variety of different timbers and services for damp proofing in Eastbourne and all over the south east. Those services can range from treatments such as a woodworm treatment to prevent woodworms from declaring your timber for their next home. Rot treatment, timber resin repairs, and rising damp control. Rotting timber is a big issue that accrues naturally over time. Rising damp control and timber resin repairs provides coverage for all damp treatment needs. It is important that you tackle these types of structural problems as soon as possible. When you use the services offered by the professionals their surveyors are all required to be CSRT registered and certified before providing you with any services. This will ensure quality work is being done and give you peace of mind knowing all of the work will be done right the first time.

What Are Woodworms?

Woodworms are wood boring insects that infest in both hardwood and softwoods. They cause the weakening of structural timbers, and usually affect older building, but they can affect modern structures too. It is very important to correctly identify the insect that’s present so the appropriate treatment or remedial action can be taken. Of course this is where the professionals come into play. They can make sure you get quality damp proofing services that keep your structure safe from woodworms.

What Kind of Havoc Does Rot Create?

Wet and dry rot can affect all types of timber properties. It most commonly occurs when a defect arises that can cause additional moisture within the fabric of the building. Poor sub-floor ventilation, leaky roofs, flashings, defective rainwater goods all together with the presence of fungal decay. In order to keep your home or business from being infested with rot, you’ll need the services of the professionals. The same goes for timber resin repairs. The experts have the best methods for returning your structure to a safe and healthy status.

CavityTech Systems Ltd undertake a variety of timber and damp treatment services in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. Visit them online for more details.

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