Investigate Your Blocked Drain with a CCTV Survey

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Plumbing

Drains are often out of sight and can be tricky to access, which means the real cause of a blocked drain is not always obvious. Having to investigate your drain can be a confusing and awkward task, and you can never guarantee you will actually find the issue without the use of the proper tools to make your life easier. It is why it is important to have a professional engineer do this for you. Drain surveys in Poole is provided by drainage experts who have the experience to locate the root of your blocked drain.

Experts Will Find Your Drain Problem by Performing a Drain Survey

Drains can deteriorate over time which may lead to cracks and other issues which can cause a blockage. A CCTV survey will help you track down the problem, and help identify future potential problems before they occur. CCTV technology comprises of a tiny camera mounted on the end of a wire, which is fed down the drain. A drainage expert will get a live visual of the murky inside of your drain and will be able to spot the problem within a timely manner. A drain survey of your blocked drain is highly accurate in the assessment of your drain, and you will be able to see the proof on the screen. Having a visual image of the drain also helps with establishing the most accurate remedial options, which can save you money, stress and time.

Drainage Professionals You Can Rely On

After the drain survey is completed, a drainage expert will provide you with a fully comprehensive report. They also will provide you will a CCTV DVD recording of the drain runs they performed. This is very useful for you because now you have a copy for insurance claims and your personal records. If you are looking for drainage professionals you can rely on for drain surveys, you need to contact Canford Drains today by visiting their website.

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