Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Home in South Wales

by | May 8, 2015 | moving & transportation

Have you just signed the lease for a new apartment? Perhaps you are preparing to collect the keys to your dream home and want to eliminate stress by hiring professional help? Whether you are renting or buying, it’s important to plan properly when moving home in South Wales. To steer clear of being surrounded by boxes with no clue which way to turn next, there are a few mistakes you ought to avoid.

Failure to Give Directions

When trying to obtain a quote from a company that offers a helping hand when moving home in South Wales, you will need to supply certain information. The distance from your existing property to the new one will affect the price, because if the distance is relatively far, more than one vehicle may be required or multiple trips will be necessary. Supply the removal company with an address and post code so that the quickest route can be figured out. It’s also worth informing the local council if you plan on unloading items in a public area.

Lack of Preparation

Remember that the removal specialists are not plumbers, which means that you simply cannot rely on them to disconnect household appliances, defrost the refrigerator, etc. Take it upon yourself to disconnect items a couple of hours before loading the van and don’t forget to take accurate measurements, as otherwise, there may not be enough room in the van for everything. Always check insurance when moving home in South Wales too, because it is possible to increase the insurance to cover the actual move.

Packing Overnight Bags

The chances of moving, unloading, assembling and arranging furniture and appliances on the same day is very small, even if you plan on moving home in South Wales early in the morning. Opening unlabelled boxes to find clean clothes, toiletries and other essentials will take a lot of time and effort, therefore it is easier to pack a bag with clean clothes, toothbrushes and pet supplies for use when you first get into the home. Think comfortable pyjamas, personal hygiene, beauty products and clean clothes in a zipped-up bag. To save as much room as possible, invest in vacuum-packed bags. The air can be removed from these bags, resulting in less wrinkling.

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