How Much Security Is Provided By Pendant Alarms For The Elderly?

by | May 12, 2015 | Modern Bloggers, Security Alarm


Let’s make it clear from the start that we are not talking about any sort of alarm system that can be activated at any time or in any place. It is true to say that elderly people are usually frailer and more prone to accidents and health problems than they were when in the full bloom of their youth. Whether from a mugger in the street, a traffic accident or tripping over a loose paving stone; elderly persons are at risk whenever they venture away from their homes and that risk is increased if they are alone. Unfortunately, even if the victim is wearing one of the available Pendant Alarms For The Elderly, they will not be able to use it to summon aid when away from their home where the alarm’s base station (transmitter) is installed.

So, What Is The Function Of Pendant Alarms For The Elderly?

Pendant Alarms For The Elderly provide a touch sensitive call button that can be pushed to summon assistance whenever the wearer of one of these Pendant Alarms For The Elderly is within about 50 metres of the pendant’s base station. The system functions by sending a signal from one of the Pendant Alarms (usually an elderly person living alone will have two Pendant Alarms) to the base unit that is powered by electricity (mains supply with back up battery power) and connected to a communications system (in most cases this will be the standard telephone line installed at the house; but base stations can also be connected to computer VoIP wireless internet systems).

Once the button has been pushed on any of the Pendant Alarms, the base station dials out to a pre-set series of “notify in case of emergency” numbers – these can be friends, relatives and/or any of the authorities or other help lines. Thus, whatever emergency the elderly person is faced with within their home area, outside help can be easily informed even if the person is unable to reach their normal telephone (possibly because of something like slipping and falling down in the bath or shower). If the wearer of the pendant is within 5 metres of the base unit, two way speech communications are possible; otherwise, the unit will transmit a pre-recorded voice message.

Pendant Alarms For The Elderly Provide Them With The Confidence To Live Their Own Lives

Many elderly remain relatively fit and healthy but can have a fear of domestic accidents when living alone. The small investment in Pendant Alarms (typified by those available from SureSafe Personal Alarms) gives them the confidence to continue an active independent life.

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