Common Made-to-Measure Questions

by | May 4, 2018 | Modern Bloggers

Being a service so heavily based around customer choice and specific request, there are of course many unanswered questions regarding the idea of made-to-measure curtains. As such, any self-respecting fabric company that offers such a service must provide answers to any questions the customer may have. If you are looking for made-to-measure curtains in Chudleigh, here are the answers to the main questions you likely have.

#1. How do I wash the curtains when I receive them?

Simply put: you don’t. Curtains are made of a variety of fabrics, many of which shrink considerably when wet. And if they’re lined curtains, they won’t even shrink evenly, making the problem worse. If you keep staining liquids away from your curtains, you shouldn’t need to scrub them in any way. Otherwise, the best tool is a good, powerful vacuum, to quickly suck up any dust that might have formed on your curtains over time. Doing this every month or so will guarantee curtains that remain fresh and clean.

#2. How long do I have to change my order?

If you realize that you need to change your order, it’s best to do it the second the realization hits you. Whether or not the change is possible depends on how far into the process the manufacturer is, and what the specific change is. However, if you make sure to call the change in the minute you realize your mistake, it should be able to get done without any problems.

#3. The window I want the curtain for gets a lot of sun, how can I prevent the curtain from fading over time?

Sunlight causes most fabrics to fade if they remain in full view of it for long periods of time. So, having curtains over a window with a lot of sun is a genuine concern for those that buy curtains for the aesthetic value. To reduce fading, you are recommended to line or interline your curtains. Or, if there is even more sun than normal, you may want to consider blackout lining.

#4. How much will I get back if I want to cancel the order?

If work has not begun on the curtains, you will receive a 100% refund for the service. However, the number you get back will go down significantly as time goes on. Made-to-measure curtains are specifically designed for your request, so it is highly unlikely that they will ever be resold, making a full refund after work on it has commenced simply impossible. Visit the site for more details.

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