Questions to Ask on Your Wedding Venue Tour

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Wedding Venue

Once you have decided to get married, your thoughts quickly turn to the wedding venue in Bedfordshire you want to use to say your “I do’s” and have your reception in. Part of the choosing is going on a wedding venue tour to determine which is the best choice to suit your needs. There are a few questions that you should ask during this tour to ensure you are getting the venue of your dreams. Read on below for a few of the questions to ask.

Is the Venue Near Guest Hotels?

One of the first things you will want to know is how close the wedding venue in Bedfordshire is to the guest hotels of the area. You want to know, because the location of the hotels in relation to the venue can be the difference in out of town guests having to drive a long way from their hotel to watch you get married or a short distance. Since your family and friends are coming in from far away, the last thing you want is for them to have a long drive to get to the wedding.

How Many People does the Venue Hold?

This question is directly related to your guest list and your budget as well. Think about it, if you love the venue, but it only holds 50 people, when your guest list has close to 100, it doesn’t make good common sense to choose that venue. You need to know ahead of time how many people it can hold, so you can make the right decision, either trim your guest list or find another venue.

For more information on finding a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, contact the professionals at The Auction House for help and to schedule a tour.

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