Selecting the Right Service for Sash Window Repairs in Kent

Sash windows are traditional window options in many Kent homes. Their sturdy yet classic look and their practical nature have always made this window style a perfect option for homes and commercial businesses throughout the United Kingdom as well as abroad.

Common Problems

Having authentic sash windows, particularly in older homes, does not always make it easy to find a company to provide quality sash window repairs. The old timber and the old paints used on the interior and exterior of these windows did not protect modern paints and chemical treatments.

This lack of protection to the wood allows moisture to seep in, resulting in wood rot, swelling of the cills and difficulty in opening and closing of the windows. Also, windows may also rattle, which is a sign of leaks and draughts that add to heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

Experienced Repair Services

Finding a company with extensive experience in sash window repairs is the first step in the process. These companies should be familiar with all requirements and laws in conservation areas with regards to repairing these windows.

It is highly recommended to ask the company providing sash window repairs for an estimate of the cost. In many situations, replacing the sash windows with modern, high-efficiency windows and secure locking systems is a better option. While the cost of full replacement with authentic, treated timber and energy saving glass may be more than the repairs, it also provides a new window, with a much longer overall lifespan.

In Kent, The Window Sanctuary offers traditional sash windows and casement windows to replace existing older windows that are no longer efficient. Meeting all conservation requirements, these windows are fully approved for use to replicate any original designs for a home of any style.

To find out more about sash window repairs and full sash window replacement costs and benefits, talk to the experts at The Window Sanctuary in Kent. More information is always available online at

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