When to Use A Performance Coach: Tips for London CEOs

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Business

It is no longer uncommon to have CEOs and business owners and leaders recommending the use of coaches within their company. In many companies in London, the use of a performance coach is not just recommended to the top management tier, it is also used for lower level managers, during organizational changes and to assist in restructuring and rebranding efforts within a company.

What is a Coach?

While coaching is not a new profession, it is still confusing to many. Unlike a sports coach, a performance coach is not there to act as a consultant or to micro-manage the individual being coached.

Instead, the coach is there to assist the client, often called the coachee, in setting goals. These goals are aligned with the goals of the company as well as the client, providing motivation and measurable results to track changes and improvements.

The coach also provides tools and support for making and sustaining the necessary changes. They help the client in working through challenges, obstructions, and issues. Through this collaborative and co-equal relationship, the client has a confidential co-active participant through the process.

At the same time, the client is learning about his or her own values, processes and motivators. This information provides a highly beneficial framework for the client in working through future challenges and changes.

The Benefits

For upper management considering the use of a performance coach with a management team member, the benefits of this interaction are both immediate and ongoing.

The manager, at any level, including at the corporate leadership level, becomes aware of his or her strengths and areas for improvement. They also learn new skills, methods, and processes that make them more effective team leaders moving forward.

For London CEOs, coaching with Thrive Future also provides measurable support for the company in times of change and growth. This, in turn, creates a company with a strong leadership team committed to uniting goals and working towards the same purpose.

At Thrive Future, we offer a highly skilled and qualified performance coach with expertise in assisting your leaders in personal growth. To find out more, see us at www.thrivefuture.com.

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