Why Sell Your Home and Rent in Retirement?

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Assisted Living Facility

Once you have retired, you really do not need all those bedrooms and the huge yard. When you think about it, having to climb flights of stairs and a yard that needs maintaining become real liabilities as you get older. As a renter, one phone call takes care of any emergency repairs and all home maintenance and yard work is done for you. You can also benefit your retirement funds by downsizing.

Tap into Your Equity and Lower Your Cost of Living

If you sell your residence and become a renter, you can add that money to the funds you already have set aside for your retirement years. This gives you more money to invest to earn even more. Since it definitely costs less to rent than to own, you will be able to come out far ahead. Now that you are no longer locked into living is a specific area where there is a great school district for the kids or where you were near medical care needed for one of them, you can now live in a different area where it is less expensive to live. You can click here to get more details.

You can choose to Live Closer to Family and Amenities You Use

Retirement gives you a great opportunity to move close to your children and grandkids. There would be no more expensive travel to visit them and you would be able to spend more time with them and even help out with babysitting. You can even move so that you are closer to stores, parks, movies and theatres. Keep in mind that it would be nice to move into a retirement community that offers transportation services for the day you may no longer be able to drive. Torr Home apartments offer practically every amenity you could every want or need. They would love to have you stop by and take a tour!

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