How to Dispose Of Asbestos in London

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Asbestos Removal

There is misconception surrounding asbestos, with many people believing that only tradesmen who used to work with the fibrous material are at risk. However, you could also be at risk, particularly if you reside or work in a property that was built in the year 2000 or before. While asbestos may not affect your health immediately, it can take its toll once you have been diagnosed, with around 5,000 tradesmen dying due to previous exposure on an annual basis. Don’t just call anyone in for the job though, because poor handling techniques could put you at more risk than if you were to leave the material in its place! To ensure the person you hire is well-equipped and knowledgeable, discover how to dispose of asbestos in London properly.

Hire Someone with Adequate Training

A company that offers assistance to dispose of asbestos in London should employ a team of trained professionals, all of whom should be licensed. Avoid working with someone who is not licensed, because they may attempt to remove asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in an unsafe way, resulting in exposure being worse than it was to begin with. The professionals should adhere to national standards of working, so conduct a little research before hiring them.

Avoid Waste Build-Up

If waste builds up when the person(s) you hire attempt to dispose of asbestos in London, chances are it could be disturbed and a lot of dust created. This dust will contain dangerous fibres and therefore the asbestos abatement specialist ought to double bag waste as they go. Any hazardous debris that cannot be bagged will be wiped away with a wet rag. Alternatively, the method of disposal will involve the use of a type H vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are manufactured in such a way that they can collect waste with minimal disturbance.

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