What Happens During the Process of An Asbestos Demolition Survey in London?

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Asbestos Removal

Asbestos – it was once one of the most widely-used building materials out there and now, its use is avoided at all costs. Why, you ask? Well, asbestos is very harmful to health and for those people who are (or who have been) exposed to the naturally occurring fibres, the chances of developing cancer, lung disease and a medley of other health-deteriorating conditions can increase. Used in many industries, it’s sometimes difficult to tell when the minerals are present in a building’s structure. This is where an asbestos demolition survey in London comes in handy. Let’s find out more about what a professional can do to minimise health hazards after they have conducted an in-depth survey.

Locating the Asbestos

One of the most aggressive types of cancer that affects people who are exposed to asbestos is mesothelioma. You need not become a victim of this life-threatening disease, so long as you know who to hire for an asbestos demolition survey in London, that is. It may not be possible to restore a property if much of its foundations were constructed with asbestos, therefore the material should be located and noted down or reported, before further work commences.

Indicating Areas of Damage

The area of land that the asbestos removal specialists cover when they visit your premises to perform an asbestos demolition survey in London will have a big impact on the final cost. When areas of damage are fairly severe, the removal of ACMs will begin. ACM is the abbreviation for Asbestos Containing Materials and generally, any debris that contains the material will be removed. Obstructions will also be removed if they are suspected to be made with asbestos, such as the flooring, partitions, walls, roofing and cladding.

Finding Competent Surveyors

Just because a company or tradesman claims to be capable of performing an asbestos demolition survey in London, this doesn’t mean that they will keep to their word! In fact, they may not even hold relevant experiences, insurance and licenses to carry out the meticulous task of handling, removing and disposing of the material. In order to track down a competent surveyor, rely on word-of-mouth reviews from people you trust and use the web to read what customers had to say. A suitable surveyor will do their best to cause as little disruption as possible and will complete work according to laws, rules, regulations and basic safety standards as set out by the government.

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