Residential Asbestos Removal in London – Understanding What Affects the Risks of Asbestos-Related Diseases

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Home Improvement

You may think that only a handful of people are at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases, but the truth is quite different. In fact, everyone at some point in their life will have been exposed to asbestos. Traces of this naturally occurring chemical can be found in the air, the soil and the water that we rely on. Although these levels tend to be fairly low, a collection of fluid on the lungs can affect the chest cavity, contribute to pleural thickening and elevate the risks of developing lung cancer, among many other asbestos-related diseases. With residential asbestos removal in London, the chances of an asbestos-related condition appearing will reduce. So, what exactly influences these risks? Let’s find out.

Experiencing Risks Years After Exposure

The main concern for people who worked in paper mills, factories and other areas where asbestos was used widely back in the day will continuously fear that they may deal with health implications further down the line. In most cases, asbestosis and other related health issues that occur as a result of asbestos exposure will not become noticeable for as much as 10 years later, or more. This is why anyone who has (or who still does) operate in an automotive or construction industry should contact the professionals for residential asbestos removal in London as soon as possible.

Smoking Increases the Risks

Asbestos fibres break down over time and if they are disturbed in any way, they will release into the air. Once these fibres are inhaled into the lungs, it won’t be easy to get them back out! In fact, they’ll settle and consider the lungs their home for many years, causing a whole range of respiratory problems, like coughing and wheezing. Smoking will cause even more damage to the lungs so if you are a smoker and are thinking of getting residential asbestos removal in London completed, you might want to consider binning the cigarettes, too.

Failure to Get Fibres Surgically Removed

Pleural plaques, lung cancer and scarring of the lungs are some effects that asbestos fibres will have on the human body. If your exposure has been long-term, a trip to the doctor is advised to get the fibres surgically removed once the residential asbestos removal in London is finalised. The longer those fibres are left on the lungs, the worse the scarring will be and the higher the chances of you developing cancer of the mesothelioma tissue, so don’t neglect your health in this case.

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